9º Lubgrax Meeting 

01 – 02 August | São Paulo – Brazil

With each edition is also consolidating in an international event, offering high quality content on the issues that permeate the day to day, providing a unique experience for the construction of knowledge and networking. Lubgrax aims to bring together key leaders and decision makers involved in the base oils, lubricants, fluids and greases industry to discuss the main trends in the Brazilian market as a whole.

This edition, the Executive and Business Forum on Lubricants, Fluids, Oils and Greases is divided into Congress and Exhibition. It will have 02 auditoriums, meeting area and exhibition area integrated to the auditoriums, providing knowledge, networking and new business opportunities. With the pre-scheduled meeting system, each participant can build a personal agenda helping suppliers to schedule their meetings in advance.


Nearly 4,000 registered lubricants are offered by more than 250 producers/distributors in Brazil. The lubricants market moves approximately US$ 594.2 million, being 72% for the automotive sector and 28% for the industrial sector. Our structure places your company with the entrepreneurs and professionals who work in the most outstanding companies in the lubricants market and in the chemical and petrochemical segment of Brazil and abroad, providing great businesses and networking.


The chemical and petrochemical distribution segment is very dynamic, and the market share of chemicals and petrochemicals was estimated at around US$ 2.6 billion. This makes this industry one of the most challenging to activate and retain customers and to go after for new ones. Distributors seek to diversify their businesses with services and new products. Our structure provides the best business alternatives and networking with the market.


This sector involves different branches in the national market, in the chemical and petrochemical area, so not different than expected. There are several segments that participate: technical consulting services in various areas of industry; environmental consultancy services relating to the chemistry of the environment; laboratorial services; cleaning services; storage and transport of chemicals. The transportation of chemicals deserves care from all sectors involved.


Since 2010, Sellcomm has been organizing forums, conferences and lectures, adopting the One Stop Shopping concept, in a single area, Lubgrax Meeting participants have the opportunity to try for 2 uninterrupted days of exclusive content with more than 38 national and international speakers. The event brings together over 170 national and international companies and a highly qualified public.

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